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In a world becoming more focused on protecting the environment, sustainability awareness has escalated and is sweeping through businesses today. 3M™ Purification, Inc., a global leader in liquid filtration, is meeting the needs of society with innovative technology and cost effective 3M Water Filtration High Flow Series products. Designed in 2005, the High Flow Series systems were created to meet the filtration needs of an entire foodservice establishment. Through carbon block innovation, 3M Purification, Inc., has developed single cartridge systems that accomplish what was previously the job of a standard three- or four-cartridge system; saving our Customers additional cost and labor fees associated with every cartridge change-out.

We represent 3M™ Purification, Inc., a global leader in liquid filtration.

Under the High Flow Series umbrella, scale inhibitors used in the ICE Series and Brew Series products help to control the precipitation of the carbonates as hard lime scale. These products make up 56% of the High Flow Series systems and can be used to support LEED® (The leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. LEED is a nationally accepted benchmark for design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

3M Water Filtration Products

Applications to learn more about these systems:

Ice, Restaurants - Point of Entry
Cold Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Expresso Office Water, Coffee & Vending

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